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On the first of April 2003 The Ecchi Patent Company applied for a patent on the letter A. This Patent has now been formalized and all users of the letter A (in either capital, lowercase, or any variation thereof) must immediately obtain a license or discontinue use of the aforementioned letter forthwith.

Full details of the patent, and your liability can be found by following the link "About The Patent" on the menu to the left. We advise everyone to read this document carefully, ignorance of the patent is no defense in a court of law, and we will soon begin prosecuting people who fail to purchase a license and continue to use the letter A.

Once you have read and understood your liability I suggest you proceed to the Types of Patent document to accurately decide which type of patent you require, then go to the Methods of Payment page and complete your purchase of the appropriate license.

We are currently offering a 90 day amnesty period, if you purchase your license within that time you will not be charged for your prior use of the letter A, however once the 90 day period has elapsed anyone who has not purchased a license will be expected to pay for each and every use of the letter A they have made since birth.

Thank you for your attention, please now read the documents on this site and purchase your license.

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